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Leila Tasher - Actress, Singer, Musical Theatre Performer, Voice-over Artist and Performing Arts Teacher

Are you looking for an Actress? Singer? Voice Over Artist? Host for your event? Or maybe someone who does it all? Or are you after someone to bring a pinch of sparkle to your classroom or another creative for that project you are working on, or do you need a relatable, nurturing teacher from someone who's been there and still doing it ... well you've come to the right place! 

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About Leila 

Leila is a half-Turkish professional performer from Brighton. Leila's love for performing started aged a very young age, after performing in her back garden 'loud and proud' for her next-door neighbours to hear. Leila's parents started to realise this wasn't just a weekly back garden performance for a bit of fun; no matter where Leila went, she would be the life and soul of the party, giving a touch of comedy to any dull room - Leila (and the whole neighbourhood) knew Leila wanted to go on to perform! Throughout Leila's younger life and teenage years, Leila attended Stage Schools, started up and performed as part of a four-piece band that represented her school, performing their own music for events over Brighton and Hove. Leila then went on to take up additional singing and acting lessons to fulfil that dream of one day performing professionally. 

Leila Tasher

Leila prides herself in having multiple strings to her bow. Having trained professionally as an actress, singer and dancer at the Institute of Contemporary Theatre in Performing Arts, Leila has gained the tools to be the very versatile performer she is today, with several years of experience performing professionally at many regular events, musicals, charity events, nursing homes, residential homes and theatres to name a few. Due to being a 2020 graduate and graduating within the Covid-19 global pandemic, Leila didn't get the traditional springboard into the industry, so Leila has used this time to build a reputation for herself singing at regular gigs to keep her tools sharp, creating showreels to showcase her talents. Leila has also been working on the launch of her own Theatre Company. 'Shouldn't have said that' Theatre Co - a company that explores the 'ugly truths of life'. Leila and the other company co-founder are currently writing and devising their first debut show, which is set to be performed later on in the year. In addition to this, Leila has been networking and growing her own business as a freelance Performing Arts Teacher, specialising in being a vocal and acting coach and also teaching Musical Theatre, with which she has over ten years of experience. Leila strives to support children and young adults in creating theatre that provides them with a voice yet to be heard and an inclusive and supportive environment for all her students to thrive in. 

So what does Leila do on a day off, you ask? Well, have a little wonder below, and you'll most likely spot her on a National Trust walk with her rescue dog, indulging in an unhealthy addiction to wine and cheese tastings, planning her next adventure to tick off her bucket list or trying to persuade her Turkish father to share his chef talents in the kitchen. Because, let's be honest...we all get bored of beans on toast!

Your backstage pass has been granted...Leila on a day off!


Leila is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. So... what are you waiting for? Let's connect!

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